Wake Up and Do Cool S#!%: BIGGBY Co-CEO, Mike McFall on WJR

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Living life clearly for BIGGBY COFFEE co-CEO Mike McFall has spilled over into the founding & growth of one of our regions, & nation’s most dynamic franchises.

Mike McFall, Co-CEO and Co-founder of BIGGBY COFFEE and author of Grind, was featured as a guest on WJR: StartupNation’s Business Biography on October 24, 2022. The 38-minute-long episode begins with Mike giving insight on his journey in corporate America, from being a sales representative to creating BIGGBY COFFEE. Mike begins by explaining how leaving his role in corporate America led him to find his passion as an entrepreneur, sharing, “my whole life is that I wanted to wake up and do cool stuff. That’s still my mantra today.” Mike sheds light on the similarities between a commission sales representative and an entrepreneur, due to the frequent highs and lows of selling. Mike explains, “the best experience you can have to become an entrepreneur is to become a straight commission sales rep. You wake up in the morning, you sell something, you make money. If you don’t sell something, you don’t make money.” Mike continues to discuss the importance of hospitality and discipline for a business, and how understanding this helped him be successful in his endeavors.


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This interview was also featured in two episodes of The Pre W. Smith Show with host, Jeff Sloan, brought to you by The Great Voice. In the first feature, Jeff highlights a segment from the WJR Business Biography featuring Mike McFall.


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The second feature of Mike McFall’s interview is in episode 204 of The Pre W. Smith Show where they highlight the effort that colleges and larger universities are putting in to offer students a wider array of classes known as course sharing.


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