Couple wed at Biggby as threat shutters Lansing City Hall

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Couple wed at Biggby as threat shutters Lansing City Hall


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Lindsay VanHulle


Jeremy and Robin Morey had planned a simple wedding ceremony at Lansing City Hall for weeks.


They set the date: 10:30 a.m. Friday. They invited their family and friends. They picked up their marriage license and filled out the paperwork.


A bigger ceremony would follow in the spring, once Robin’s course load in Lansing Community College’s ultrasound program is lighter. But for now, getting married in 54A District Court inside City Hall would suit them fine.


But things don’t always go according to plan — especially when the building you are about to get married in is evacuated because of a bomb threat.


“It was definitely interesting, and it’s about both of our speed,” Jeremy Morey said. “That is just kind of how my life goes. It’s fitting that there would be a bomb threat on the day I go to get married.”


Because the Moreys couldn’t get married inside City Hall, they exchanged vows at a Biggby Coffee shop on Allegan Street.


The bomb threat, called in to dispatchers Friday morning, forced the evacuation of the City Hall and the police department on West Michigan Avenue.


The Moreys, of Lansing, were waiting at Biggby for court to open when a group at the next table — District Judge Charles Filice and his staff — overheard. The encounter turned serendipitous when Filice offered to marry them. Right there.


Morey retrieved the couple’s marriage license from his truck. Tables were moved tables aside to make room. And Filice performed a short ceremony in front of Biggby staff and other customers.


One, a woman, gave them a gift card to the coffee shop as a wedding present.


“It was unusual, that’s for certain,” said Filice.


He said the location was one of the most unique places he has ever married a couple – a list that includes Munn Ice Arena at Michigan State University.


“It’s one of the more enjoyable things that I get to do,” Filice said.


Lansing police continue to investigate the caller who told dispatchers a bomb was inside Lansing’s downtown police department, Lt. Noel Garcia said.


The threat proved not to be credible, he said, and no explosives were found.

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