Flint Journal blogger running into more folks blogging about Flint, Michigan

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From The Flint Journal
by Mary Ann Chick Whiteside


Hey, thanks for the tips to a few more Flint-related blogs. Some will make the permanent page and some, well, let’s just say we’ll keep an eye on them.


Let’s start with some posts that mention Flint, Michigan.


Bob Fish of Where is Bob … Probably at Biggby Coffee has been home sick. But he put together a post on Flint, Michigan, where Biggby Coffee is opening


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He tells folks about the new Bigbby Coffee shop coming to Flint, Michael Moore and the Crim:

a tough run but full of all kinds of antics like garage bands, speakers, preachers, donuts, beer, barefoot runners….and so on.


The Tampa Bay Sports Blog is letting Flint resident Brad Heath join the blog team and blog about mixed martial arts in Tampa Bay. (See, the Internet lets you be in two places at once.)


Speaking of sports, ABC12 did a video about Up North Journal Hunting Blog. Turns out that Michael Adams works for the telvision station. It is his sideline passion, though, to educate people about the great outdoors.


Thread Lake gets a mention on the Johnny Panther Quests blog.


Jim Russell mentions Flint as a Great Lakes Urban Exchange meeting site in his Burgh Diaspora blog. No further details, though.


It maybe homesickness that led Jacquelyn’s Space to post about Semi-Pro and Flint:


I have lived outside the Flint area going on 13 years now. I have a lot of love for Flint too. I hope and pray that both Detroit and Flint can be revitalized. It is going to take a miracle.


She talks about the University of Michigan-Flint, the Flint Cultural Center and some of the dreams.


Betsy from Betsy’s Herb Garden is reporting she’s happy and sad:


Happy – Spring is coming.
Sad – It snowed this morning.
Happy – The snow is disappearing.
Sad – But Spring isn’t here until you can smell the worms.


Meanwhile Gary Graff is reporting there’s a Michigan flavor at the annual South By Southwest Music + Media Conference out in Austin, Texas. He includes Chidos in that Michigan lineup at SXSW.


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