Meet the Palmer Family!

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Rodney, Eileen, Landon, and Austin are the face of BIGGBY® COFFEE for September and October! By now you know that they won the 2016 Big B Cup Award at our Annual Franchise Meeting and that their world is centered around family. But, you probably don’t know them as individuals!

Their 4 BIGGBY® locations in LowellMarquetteHoughton, and Gaylord are thriving and it’s all due to their ability to keep the Palmer mantra front of mind no matter where they are!

Most people also don’t know that the Palmers got their start in a different industry. Rodney’s father started Mercy Ambulance in Lansing, MI in 1955. Rodney still divides his time between BIGGBY® and Mercy, but their desire to

love people and give back obviously runs deep. When asked “why coffee?”, Rodney had this to say – “We chose BIGGBY® because Landon was excited about it and brought it to the table. They boys wanted to do something together and we told them that if that was the case, they’d have to figure it out. We supported them every step of the way and man has it been an amazing journey so far.”

Without further ado, let’s meet the Palmers!