Biggby's Coffee generates buzz

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From Central Michigan Life


Students flock to Mount Pleasant’s newest java hut


By: Mike Wayland


A little more than a week ago, Biggby’s opened its doors to CMU students.


And coffee lovers with all different tastes tried out Biggby’s beans.


Sarah Siehda, a third year student at Mid Michigan Community College said she has been to the new coffee shop twice since its grand opening and enjoys the atmosphere which she describes as easy going. It’s different than the tone of Starbucks, where she said she feels rushed.


“Everyone seems to be friendly (at Biggby’s),” she said. “I will probably come here more often.”


Immediately upon walking into the Biggby’s store, customers will notice that there is a gas fireplace and a 17-inch flat panel television.


The walls are painted with soft earth tones and the room is filled with trendy, yet comfortable furniture.


“It’s a laid back kind of atmosphere,” said Courtney Grise, a Central Lake sophomore. “You could just come in here and study.”
Grise said she typically has some sort of coffee beverage at least once a day. She has been to Biggby’s four times since its opening.


“This is way better than Java City, I think,” Grise said, who visits the library’s coffee shop exclusively while she is on campus.


Both Grise and Siehda said Biggby’s is the most convenient place to get coffee because it is so close to their apartments.


CMU student caffeine cravers seem to put convenience first and taste second.


“It’s for the convenience. I usually choose Kaya, or Java city,” said Mount Pleasant junior Laura Jay, who usually goes to Kaya with friends between classes. “I really have no preference. I can usually find something I like anywhere.”


While she will take coffee when she can get it, Jay said she is partial to the atmosphere of the locally owned businesses, such as the U-Cup and Kaya, because they don’t have the same “commercial feeling” as corporate owned coffee chains.


Midland graduate student Sarah Bauer is a regular at Starbucks because it is ideal for studying.


“I like them both, (Biggby’s and Starbucks). I can’t necessarily say I like one better than the other,” Bauer said. “It’s great to have different options.”


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