LifeLabTM: The Life You Love LaboratoryTM

At BIGGBY® COFFEE, we like to say we aren’t really in the coffee business. Of course we sell the world’s best coffee, but that’s because we love how coffee brings people together.

We are a PEOPLE business with a coffee obsession. And we exist to support PEOPLE in building lives they LOVE.

And YOU are our people.

The Life You Love Laboratory team at BIGGBY® COFFEE, or LifeLab for short, is sort of like the research and development department for tools and support for building a life you love.

So, given that, we were wondering…

Have you ever felt stalled out on the journey through this thing called life? Do you find yourself looking for the refresh button?

Or maybe you find yourself wishing you were healthier, happier, or that you just plain felt better?

Perhaps you’re juuuust able to cover your minimum payments on your bills or don’t have a solid sense of what you can do to improve your financial health?

Then again you may feel like you can’t be yourself when you’re around your family, friends, or coworkers?

Sometimes the biggest challenge is just knowing where to start.  BIGGBY® COFFEE and the LifeLab team are here to help with that.  Our Life You Love Assessment might help you figure out if there is an area of life that you’d like to go to work on.  And if you ARE ready to get to work, take a look at our 2-hour Life You Love Seminars.  They are a launchpad for exploring the life you’re building for yourself and a great introduction to this kind of work.  If you want to dive all the way in, check out our Life You Love Workshops. Workshops are in-depth 6-week programs that will help you to explore opportunities to make positive change in your daily life and then take action.

We are here for you, we love you, and we’re excited to get started!!
-The Life You Love Laboratory Team

Take our Self-Assessment:

Explore our 6-week Life You Love Workshops:


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  • Grand Rapids, MI: Thanks for attending!
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    • Tuesday June 6th 2023
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    • Wednesday July 12th 2023
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    • Wednesday August 2nd 2023
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    • Coney Island Park
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    • Tuesday August 22nd 2023
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    • Green Bay Distillery