The BIGGBY® BOOST Coaching Advantage

Category: Build a Life You Love

At the BIGGBY® COFFEE Home Office, we offer a unique opportunity to every single employee, and we call it BOOST Coaching.


BOOST Coaching at BIGGBY® COFFEE began in January of 2018 as a bit of an experiment. We had been conducting an anonymous monthly survey to take the temperature of how things were going for the employees of the Home Office. The feedback we got was occasionally positive or neutral, but more often the comments were negative. However, there was a glimmer of hope in the negative feedback — much of it seemed like it could lead to productive action or even a simple solution if we only knew who was leaving the feedback. Often the responses indicated a breakdown in communication or a poorly managed change.

It seemed that people didn’t feel like they could approach their supervisors with comments and concerns. Other responses made it clear that the way teammates talked to each other was quite different than how they each talked to their supervisor. And so, the two leaders of the BOOST Sphere — the department responsible for people and culture in the BIGGBY® Home Office — decided to sign everyone up for BOOST Coaching.

The simple beginning of coaching was that every person would have a 50-minute meeting between the employee and one of the two coaches. The conversation would be confidential. The point of the conversation would be to support the employee in finding ways to take productive action on their own behalf.

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