Reflections on Chiapas

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My name is Brie Roper, and for the last 15 and a half years I have worked for BIGGBY COFFEE in some capacity or another. I have served coffee as barista, run a store as a manager, supported our franchisees as a business coach, and now I help develop the people and culture of BIGGBY Nation.

In December of 2023 I was offered the opportunity of a coffee lady’s lifetime: A trip with One BIGG Island in Space to visit the people who produce our coffee. A chance to walk with them on their farms, hear their plans for the future, see their families and neighbors, and sit down with them for lunch.

Reflections on Chiapas

Standing with Martha Vasquez outside of her kitchen in the town of Esperanza Morrison. Martha is one of the small producers whose coffee is a part of the BIGGBY BEST blend.


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