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At BIGGBY® COFFEE, we like to say we aren’t really in the coffee business. Of course we sell the world’s best coffee, but that’s because we love how coffee brings people together.

We are a PEOPLE business with a coffee obsession. And we exists to support PEOPLE in building lives they LOVE.

And YOU are our people.

Have you ever felt stalled out on the journey through this thing called life? Do you find yourself looking for the refresh button?

Sometimes the biggest challenge is knowing where to start. Sign up for Knowing Who You Want to Be and let the people development experts from BIGGBY® COFFEE help you find the starting line. In this workshop, you’ll pick up some powerful tools to help you vision your future, define your goals and discover your best path forward.

Or maybe you find yourself wishing you were healthier, happier, or that you just plain felt better?

Sometimes the changes we wish to see in ourselves are so huge that they seem impossible. Sign up for Discovering Your Personal Vitality and we will help you build new habits that will lead to lasting change. In this workshop, you’ll assess your personal wellness, explore your options for making changes, and start taking steps forward in a safe and supported atmosphere.

And we’ll be with you every step of the way.

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